Laser Dentistry

At Airport Square dental Dr. Wojda uses a SIROLaser Advance for her laser dentistry. SIROLaser’s periodontal and endodontic applications are evacuation of granulation tissue, sulcular debridement and disinfection, and pulpotomies. Surgical methodologies performed by SIROLaser are gingivectomy, operculectomy, frenectomy, gingival molding, implant revealing, lesion removal, and troughing for impression taking, while giving the highest calibre in hemostasis. Contact utilization incorporates treatment of apthous ulcers, herpetic sores, and tooth desensitization at the CEG.

The benefits of utilizing this diode laser are exact cutting and evacuation of delicate tissue, with slight harm to the encompassing tissue, fabulous coagulation and hemostasis, keeping up an unmistakable perspective to the agent field, low scarification, less post-agent or post-surgical distress, general speedier mending, and customarily nearby anesthesia is not needed for treatment.