Bone Grafting

Dental bone grafting is performed to develop the jawbone. In situations where the jawbone is harmed or subsided, bone grafting is executed as an arrangement venture before a dental implant or reclamation. These reclamations oblige adequate jawbone volume for ideal possibilities of accomplishment.

Jawbone volume can be deficient for various reasons:

Periodontal (gum) disease and infections – logically assaults gum tissue and will in the long run harm the jawbone if left untreated. Different infections can also reduce bone.

Tooth extraction – it is assessed that taking after a tooth extraction, the patient loses 40-60% of the bone encompassing the tooth site inside of three years.

Damage – hits to the jaw or other dental wounds can bring about the jaw to retreat. Bone grafting treatment can take a while to finish. It is executed as an outpatient

Surgery – Typically, bone is gathered from another piece of the patients’ body. The extraction and grafting destinations are desensitized with local amnestic, then little cuts are made to get to the bone. The bone is collected, then secured to the grafting site. Both destinations are shut with sutures. The new bone will in the long run wire with existing bone and support new bone development.